Hello! My name is Shawnee and I am new to blogging, and I decided to start a blog based on parenting my five year old son Kaden who has been living with epilepsy for most of his little life. Epilepsy is very tough to deal with for adults, teens, and children. Parenting a child with epilepsy can be confusing, frustrating, and we can feel very alone at times. My idea of starting a blog emerge from my awareness Instagram page I started in 2015 called @hope4epilepsy [go follow :)] and I figured why not start a blog? I’m sure I have experiences and opinions that many parents who have children with epilepsy  can relate to or that may even help and encourage anyone who has epilepsy or takes care of someone with epilepsy. We all know that epilepsy sucks but what good will it do us by focusing on the negative and being down about it? This blog is all about learning, encouraging and uplifting each other and feel free to comment and share ! 

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  1. Love your attitude! Good luck with the blog, I’ve been blogging for two years with the same goal as you and so many positive things have come out of it just as they will for you! Thanks for the follow 🙂

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