Back To School 

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Hey guys I just wanted to share a few tips for those of you who have children in school or child care programs who also have epilepsy or history of seizures. 

I just enrolled my son into a full day pre -k program at our local elementary school, this is his first time going to a full day program, so im very excited for him. However;  I wanted to make sure every staff that comes into contact with him knew about his seizures as well as be comfortable enough to know what to do in case he has one. So of course we had an IEP meeting and a meeting with the nurse to go over the basics but I felt like a lot of information that I knew about my son condition was left out. So I decided that I will give each staff that comes into contact on a daily basis with my son a personal info packet on his condition, not just about epilepsy in general but HIS epilepsy condition, because everyone is very different. The staff members I gave a info pamphlet too in case your not sure who all to give it to are his teacher, assistant teacher, nurse, speech pathologist, psychologist, gym teacher, and the administrator of special education. 

The info pamphlet I put together included notes by me listing the type of seizures Kaden has and what they look like, possible triggers, warnings, and a few tips like not locking the bathroom door, or monitoring him closely while climbing on the play ground. I also included a basic quick facts paper about epilepsy as well as a first aid paper with visuals, and info about his likes, dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses.

Its very important to be a active advocate when it comes to your child, especially when you have to leave them at a school for a long period of time without you there. Its crucial to make sure everyone is aware and knows what to do. It’s nothing like being clueless when someone is having a seizure, if the person doesn’t know the proper first aid for the child having a seizure it can result in the child being seriously injured or even death. 
And one more cool tip, your local epilepsy organization may offer free training yes free 🙂 to schools, and child care centers or even business who are seeking out training or to just learn more about seizures. So feel free to reach out to your local epilepsy organization and ask about the services they may offer. I hope my school tips that have worked for me will help you too. Feel free to comment any helpful tips. Have a great and safe school year ! Xoxo


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