Have Faith, Don’t Give Up


Epilepsy is so complex, trial & error with medications and treatments, not knowing when a seizure may strike. It can be really tough for the person having seizures, imagine having continuous seizures and the doctor can’t really explain why. There were times I felt I knew more about my son epilepsy condition than the doctors and i’m sure most people who have epilepsy or children with special needs can relate to that. After three years on three medications Trileptal, Depakote, and Vimpat, my sons doctors decided to do a no medications EEG and to their surprise and mine it didn’t bring on many seizures to catch except one complex partial seizure that lasted a few seconds. Kaden being off of his medications actually helped him, all of the medications he was on at once actually seemed to be hurting him more than helping his seizures. So my son Doctor and I decided to take a leap of faith and see how he would do on only one medication, and that’s Onfi. He’s been on Onfi for two months now and has only had one seizure episode versus having several a week ! I just thank God he is doing much better, and many nights crying and praying and keeping faith is starting to pay off. Not everyone situation is the same, you shouldn’t try to come off your medications without doctors approval because you can really hurt yourself. But in Kadens situation getting ween off of his medications and just on one has really helped him out a lot; less seizures, no side effects, and he’s sleeping great at night!

No matter how hard this epilepsy journey may get, it will feel like a roller coaster at times, one minute everything is fine and the next its all bad, you still have to keep your faith, stay positive, and keep pushing. Don’t give up.

S/N I am NOT a medical expert, these are my personal experiences with my son. Before you do any changes with your medications or treatments please consult a medical professional.



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