Preparing for Kaden’s EEG 

​My son gets a long term EEG done this weekend. We are at the hospital from Friday until Monday. EEG which stands for electroencephalogram are bitter sweet. Its a test that looks at the electrical activity in your brain. We go there hoping for answers but may not get the answers we want or need. My son has had uncontrollable seizures for a couple years now so we’ve had plenty of these testings. This weekend EEG is different because the doctor order for his medication to be decreased to trigger a seizure during the testing so they can see exactly what’s going on with him. After all the eegs he’s had, he’s never had a seizure during them ironically. Hopefully they can catch one this time to give us answers that we so desperately need.
Tips for toddler EEG

  • Pack snacks and favorite foods
  • Pack toys they can enjoy while in the bed
  • Bring their favorite teddy bear or anything that comforts them
  • Try to explain to them everything will be ok they are just getting a test done to help them feel better
  • We call the electrodes and the wrap around his head a hat and tell him he looks cool with it.

I hope Kaden’s EEG goes smooth and we find the focal point of his seizures and I hope you all have a great weekend! 


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