I always have people come to me and say they admire my strength on the ability to take care of my son and his health condition. I just feel like when you love someone more than the air you breathe you are willing to do anything in your power to make sure they are good. Even if it involves me being up half the night tending to him and his seizures, or spending several hours or days in the hospital, or knowing he’s about to have one so I lay down beside him assuring him it will be okay . Imagine your child looking at you because he feels weird says he’s scared then has a seizure. Epilepsy is very serious , this is the life my son lives and many others. But I feel like as his mother its my duty to do all of these things, but I’m very appreciative that everyone recognizes my love for my son and how passionate I am about advocating for people with epilepsy. 


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