In The Moment 

    Looking at this picture you would think he’s sleeping peacefully . Which in fact he is at the moment . But looking at this picture can you tell he just came completely out of a seizure less than 2 minutes prior to me taking this picture . My son just had a seizure that lasted for about 3 minutes and was in a postictal state for about 10 min. This is what he goes through seizures one minute and sleeping peacefully the next because a 4 minute seizure exhausted his little body. 
Prior to him having a seizure I saw the warning signs , but it was nothing him or I could do about it . No medications for him to stop seizures before happening , I even said a short prayer but in reality that doesn’t always stop it . If it’s going to happen its going to happen. And what do I do ? I comfort him to the best of my ability and just lay with him until he falls asleep knowing that within 20 min he may go into a seizure . And sadly that’s exactly what happened .So when that happens I jump in “mommy nurse” mode turn him on his side , monitor his breathing, talk to him to assure him everything will be okay . When the seizure seem to prolong longer than usual, I ran to the kitchen to grab his emergency medication incase he needed it . The seizure finally stops but he was out of it in a postictal state for the next several minutes . I played his favorite song “The Best Day Ever” by sponge bob square pants, yes I said sponge bob lol. The reason for me playing this song while he is in recovery mode is because it’s his favorite song and also to keep his anxiety level down and just let him rest until he’s back to his full awareness . Also in the mean time if I can I try to record his seizures for research purposes of my own as well as to show his medical staff to give them more insight on his seizures to help him receive better treatment . FYI I only record seizures if I have a second to pull the camera up and if he is position correctly and not in any harm.

The reason I wrote all of this right after his episode is to show parents that this is what we go through as epilepsy parents . We are not only parents but we are at home nurses, researchers, and much more . This is the life we live to take care of our children to the best of our ability . You would never know by looking at this picture , what his little body just endured for about 10 minutes. I’m very hurt that he has seizures, but I thank God he recovered well from his seizure and is sleeping peacefully , there is always a bright side to things we just have to be optimistic enough to see that.

Xoxo 💜


2 thoughts on “In The Moment 

  1. So very sad to read. Both my son and I have a genetic form of epilepsy. Watching him have a seizure for three hours and not knowing if he would be the same. Thankfully he did not suffer total brain damage. When all meds fail as they did for me, never give up hope. There is a medication that works and it is cbd. Breaks my heart to read this as no child should have seizures. Take care

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    • Thank you for sharing your story , I’ve actually been considering cbd for him, but I have to do more research myself before he try’s it ..and that’s so sad to hear about you and your son I wish both of you great health and better days, stay strong.and we share the same fear..the longer my son seizures last I have a fear he will suffer some type of brain damage. But we can’t live in fear , I pray things get better for everyone. thank you for commenting. Take care 💜


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