My Thoughts..

“Epilepsy deserves more respect recognition and resources”
I saw this quote on Twitter and I agree with it 100% . There are people out there that don’t know what epilepsy is , some people think that people only have seizures due to drugs/alcohol , or another sickness . This may be true in some cases but you can have seizures without those factors . There are also some people that think medicine and surgery will make all the seizures go away and everything is better . That is not the case at all for everyone. Some people have refractory or intractable epilepsy, regardless of the different types of treatment they are receiving some continue to have seizures . I really wish the community, our world could be more aware of what epilepsy is , educate theirselves on the condition, and more importantly know the first aid protocol . Not all seizures are drop seizures and jerking , some are staring spells , some people can walk off in confusion when they have a seizure, and the list goes on there are so many different types of seizures . My son has at least 4-5 different types of seizures alone . It’s so much information about epilepsy that our world needs to be aware of for the safety of the individuals who actually have it . Seizures are serious , and this health condition needs to be handled as a serious matter.
The epilepsy community needs more programs and resources not only for adults with epilepsy but programs that specialize in childhood epilepsy, adults who have epilepsy as well as senior citizens . We need more resources, more support groups, more recognition . People with epilepsy shouldn’t have to isolate theirselves from the public because of stigmas and peoples uneducated opinions on the condition. Some people don’t realize that no matter how healthy you are anyone is capable of having a seizure.I’m determined to spread awareness, and educate others for the safety and the rights for my son as well as others who have epilepsy . Talk about epilepsy. Spread awareness . Help each other . 💜💜💜


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