Safe Travels with Epilepsy

It’s summer time ! Which most likely means family vacations and fun sing-along road trips, relaxing on the beach which are all really fun ! If your child or love one has epilepsy do you know how to properly prepare for road trips and vacations to ensure their safety while enjoying the vacation? I prepared a small list of things to consider when traveling with your child incase of a seizure, it helps me and hopefully it helps you.

  • Be sure to take enough medication for every day that your child needs it as well as bring extra days worth of medication just incase the vacation happens to last longer than expected and also bring medical insurance cards
  • Be sure to bring your child’s emergency rescue medications for example diastat if that’s what your child uses incase a seizure happens and needs emergency medication to stop it 
  • It’s always good to stay hydrated especially on a hot summer day at the beach, be sure to pack plenty of water and drinks and food/snacks
  • Make sure your child is well rested and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night 
  • Be sure to have information written down on what medications your child takes , doctors numbers ,pharmacy or possibly pack a journal to keep notes on any seizure activity or possible triggers 
  • It’s always nice if your child wears a epilepsy bracelet to identify they have epilepsy incase a seizure occurs 
  • If your child is on the keto diet , it will come in handy if you meal prep for the time period you are vacation

I hope these few tips help you prepare for vacations, and road trips better and I hope you all have a great enjoyable summer and don’t let having epilepsy isolate you or your child ! Be safe and have  some summer fun ! Xoxo đź’ś


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