Just My Thoughts 

Took a little break from writing , sometimes life gets hard and it’s hard to encourage others. Majority of the time I try to stay positive but sometimes I can honestly admit I get discouraged and I’m sure you all can relate .
Having a child diagnose with epilepsy at such a young age they don’t realize what’s happening to them and with my son most of his seizures left him unconscious so he wakes up confused and can’t communicate what he felt before and after. But Ive notice for the past few months a change in him, sometimes before his seizures I noticed he gets really sleepy and tired and a bit anxious . One seizure episode that really broke my heart was when he was having a complex partial seizure which doesn’t leave him unconscious he is aware but his movement , vision , and thoughts are impaired during the episode. And during this seizure over the weekend he spoke to me and said “I’m scared” !! This was during the seizure and this has never happened before . I felt helpless , hopeless, and scared but I had to keep it together for him so I gently spoke to him and assured him everything will be okay just relax and hold my hand . After that was over it didn’t last long and he just went to sleep but I just sat and held him and cried to myself. As a parent you never want your child to be scared and it’s the absolute worse when they are scared and you can’t stop the awful thing that’s happening to them. This is just something I felt like sharing and maybe someone that’s reading this can see how serious epilepsy is and why a cure needs to be found and why I spread epilepsy awareness. It’s really tough but I encourage all parents with children who has seizures to just keep them comfortable and assure them that everything is okay and to stay strong, we are all in this together 💜💜💜


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