Safety, Independence, and Seizures 

Every parent worries about their children’s safety . Being a parent of a child with epilepsy or any other chronic health condition the worry and anxiety is 10x worse for the patient and their parents and caregivers. I always have hope that my son will grow out of having seizures but I also don’t know when he will or if he certainly will grow out of them . Safety is a big issue for me , I want my son to feel safe and protected at all times. At the age of 4 majority of the time he’s with me or another caregiver or adult but as he gets older he will have to be more independent and there are times he will be alone. I was sitting one day thinking about the future and how I can make my son feel more secure and how I can feel less anxious if I’m ever not around . I looked on the Internet and saw a few list of alarms and different gadgets to help patients with epilepsy as they get older and more independent . It’s great info and if you are interested I encourage you to take the time to research about any alarms or safety gadgets that may benefit your child or loved one. 
Ps: These are just a few suggestions that I’ve seen on the Internet, I haven’t tried any yet but have heard they work for some but also don’t work for others. Everyone’s seizure condition is different, but be sure to do your own research as well and check with your doctors before you try any products. 🙂

  1. Safety Helmets
  2. Seizure Alert Dogs
  3. Easy Link Alarm
  4. Baby camera monitor ( to view and hear your child while they are sleeping incase they have a seizure)
  5. Heart rate monitors (monitors the heart rate before and during a seizure )
  6. Portable pulse oximeter ( monitors the pulse rate)
  7. Emfit monitor
  8. Smart Watch
  9. Sami- The sleep activity monitor 

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