Daddy Don’t Worry Mommy Don’t Cry

A poem I wrote from kaden (my son) perspective…

Daddy don’t worry, mommy don’t cry when I’m playing and I fall down just know that I am right with God

He keeps me safe, he holds my hand. He tells me that its okay and its all in his hands. I know it seems scary when I shake and drool, but I’m just taking time to visit with God ill be right back soon. God made me special so I make special visits with him, sometimes for seconds, sometimes for minutes but it will all be okay in the end. 

Just turn me on my side, loosen my clothing, monitor my breathing, and monitor the time and I will be alright just give it some time. 

So daddy don’t worry, and mommy don’t cry I know it seems scary but God is on our side.

xoxo IMG_2678


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