Welcome Back!!


Hello H4E family! Welcome back! It has been such a longggg time since I have made a post. If you follow my Instagram page @hope4epilepsy you would see that I have still been very active there.

I would like to reintroduce myself for those of you who are new here. My name is Shawnee, and I am a mother, advocate, and author. I have been a childhood epilepsy advocate for almost 5 years. This advocacy journey started when my son (Kaden) was diagnosed in 2014 with epilepsy. It was very rough in the beginning, but I found comfort in advocating and writing. Not only was that helping me to learn more about epilepsy, but I was also helping others and that surprisingly helped to ease the stress and anxiety.

I decided this year for 2019 I will start writing posts more often. My goal is to start off by writing at least three posts a month.

These post will include but not be limited to:

  • I will be sharing my experiences of parenting a child with epilepsy
  • I will share my son personal journey ( he has been seizure free for almost 4 months as of today, yayyy!)
  • I will also share tips that have helped me through this parenting journey
  •  I will research information about epilepsy, and share what I learned with you all

My goal is to recreate H4E as an online community where you all can go to for advice and credible information, or even just to read something that is very relatable to your experiences.

While parenting a child with epilepsy, we often feel alone and like no one understands. H4E is a family, and we are in this together! Please stay tuned for future posts and giveaways. If you would like me to write about anything specific, or have a question please email me at hopeforepilepsy1@gmail.com. Remember to always keep your hope and faith!

Talk to you soon!